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CyberTerroism Threats

Protecting your systems from attack is a key task of course, but I've got serious doubts about the effectiveness of any of the CyberTerror studies etc sponsored by the Federal govt. I can't think of anything that has come out of the boatloads of money spent other than very vauge and broad guidelines that are "suggestions".

The outgoing cyberterror czar had some intresting comments the other day on his way out. "cyberterrorism could be the most devastating weapon of mass destruction yet.
And he says it could cripple the U-S economy." ( and I tend to agree. He provided an example where " assigning 50 computer specialists to see how hard it would be to shut down the nation's electric grid." It only took 2 days.

Now that's should be alaraming to someone but it passes by relatively unnoticed.

What I wonder is, would moving to IPv6 be of any assitance in hardening the nations infrastructure?

-brett hill

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