Create a table using the table wizard

  1. From the tables list, click the New button and double-click Table Wizard.
  2. Select the table category (Business or Personal).
  3. Select the type of table from the Sample Tables list.
  4. Choose the Fields in my table by using the add, add all, remove, and remove all buttons.

    Click an item on the left and click the add (>) button to add it to the selected items on the right.

    You can add multiple items by selecting the first item then holding the ctrl key while you select additional items. Then click the > button to add all selected items.

    Alternatively, you can select contiguous items by selecting the first item then holding the shift key and clicking the last item. Then click the > button to add all selected fields.

    You can add all items from the list on the left by clicking the add all button, >>.

    If you make a mistake, you can remove item(s) from the list on the right using the same techniques and clicking the remove button (<) or remove all button (<<).

  5. Click Next.
  6. Continue answering the Wizard’s questions and clicking Next.  You will have the option of specifying a primary key or letting Access generate a record ID field as a primary key.  If you have other tables in your database, you will be able to set up relationships as part of the Wizard.
  7. When your table is complete, and all choices have been made, click Finish.
  8. The table will be created and will open in the datasheet view.  You can begin entering data now or close the table by clicking its close button (the x in the upper-right corner of the table window).
  9. If you wish to rename a field, select the field in the Fields in my table list and click the Rename button.  Enter a new name and click OK.
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