Blake's Product Pick of the Week: Solidcore Systems S3 Change Explorer

*I receive dozens of press releases every week. This week, I've found the following product particularly interesting.

Identify Changes That Occur on User Desktops and Laptops

Solidcore Systems announced S3 Change Explorer, a free downloadable tool for tracking and analyzing changes that occur on Windows desktops and laptops. S3 Change Explorer provides clickable pull-down menus that let you view change activity from a monthly view or minute-by-minute view. You can then identify what users and processes are making changes within a selected time interval. If you're looking for more detail, the software provides a "details" view that provides information on individual objects that were changed within a selected time interval. S3 Change Explorer also provides change-tracking templates for Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), which identify malicious or unauthorized activity by these programs. You can install S3 Change Explorer manually or provision the software to desktops and laptops. To download S3 Change Explorer, go to Solidcore Systems . For more information, contact Solidcore Systems at 650-565-5000.

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