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AnalogX Proxy Server Vulnerable to DoS Attack


Reported November 15, 2000 by Network Security Solutions Inc.

  • Analog X Proxy Server 4.10


By sending multiple abnormal strings to either the FTP, SMTP, POP, or Proxy Logger services a malicious user could cause the Proxy server to stop functioning and the system to require a reboot.

The following is sample logfile output from an attacked Analog X Proxy Server;

    FTP Service error msg.:               
                    ABORT: Last String too large for Buffer (1509 > 1024)                       
   POP3 Service error msg.:              
                           ABORT: Last String too large for Buffer (1509 > 1024)                        
 SMTP Service error msg.:                
                   ABORT: Last String too large for Buffer (10301 > 1024)

Services such as HTTP, SOCKS, and NNTP are not effected.


The vendor has been notified but no patch has be released. 

Discovered by
NSS Inc.

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