Amino's Network Diversity

Amino Communications announced patent-pending technology that might help eliminate the need for encryption. The new technology, called Network Diversity, helps protect sensitive data in transit by breaking up the data packets into fragments smaller than characters or symbols. Network Diversity transmits the packets over several networks so that the system doesn't use any one communication link to send all of the data.

Users who send data exchange keys with the recipients to help put the data together again. Amino said that this technology might eliminate the need for encryption to protect the data because gathering the fragments from multiple communication channels would be far too difficult. In addition, the new technology requires less overhead than traditional processor-intensive encryption algorithms.

"Applying conventional strong encryption makes it possible to send data securely, to digitally sign it, to prove it was sent or received, and to guarantee its integrity. Unfortunately, the performance degradation associated with encryption processing discourages the transmission of large volumes of data over the Internet," the company said.

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