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Adobe Releases Critical Updates

Last week Adobe released a critical update for Adobe Flash Player that fixes 5 vulnerabilities. The company said that people using Flash Player and earlier need to install the update to avoid having their systems taken control of by an attacker.

The company also released an important update for RoboHelp and RoboHelp Server. That update applies to versions 6 and 7 of both software packages and eliminates a potential cross-site scripting attack.

On March 11 Adobe intends to release an update for Adobe Reader and Acrobat to fix a critical vulnerability caused by an unchecked buffer. The company said that it's possible to create a buffer overflow condition that could allow an attacker to take complete control of an affected system - and active exploits are on the loose. So mark your calendars and be sure to load the updates as soon as possible.

If you're extremely worried about the Reader and Acrobat exploits then you might have a look at the Sourcefire blog where Lurene Grenier published a home brewed patch which might protect your systems while you're waiting for an official patch.

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