Add a totals column

A totals column allows you to calculate and include totals or subtotals in a dynaset.

  1. Add the field upon which you want a calculation performed to the QBE grid.
  2. Right-click the column and choose Totals.  A Totals row is added to the QBE grid.
  3. From the Totals cell, select the aggregate function you want performed:
    • Sum:  calculates the sum of values in the field.  Used on numeric data only to create subtotals and totals.
    • Avg:  calculates the average of values in a numeric field.
    • StDev: calculates the standard deviation of values in a numeric field.
    • Var: calculates the variance of values in a numeric field.
    • Count:  returns the number of values in a field.  Can be used on any field type.
    • Min and Max: return the smallest and largest values of a field.  Can be used on any field type except Memo.
  4. To create totals and subtotals for groups of records, add the fields that will be used to group to the QBE grid.  Make certain those fields appear to the left of the totals column in the QBE grid.  Then from the Totals cell, choose Group By.
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