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Add SonicWALL To Your List of Enterprise Anti-Spyware Solutions

You can add SonicWALL to your list of possible enterprise anti-spyware solutions. The company announced the addition of "dynamic spyware detection and prevention capabilities" to its line of gateway security offerings.

SonicWALL's solution uses what the company calls "deep packet inspection," and the company said its offering is the first product to offer anti-spyware defense using a per-packet scanning engine. The feature will become available by the end of March as part of the company's Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Intrusion Prevention subscription service. The enhanced service will cost $195USD per year.
You might recall that in December 2004 I wrote an article, "A Flurry of Enterprise Spyware Solutions," which provides a long list of solution offerings. The article has been updated to include SonicWALL and CyberGuard Webwasher, which brings the total number of solutions in the article to twenty.

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