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$100 Million Down the Drain

Ever wonder how much the US government spends on cleaning up after security incidents? Over $100 million in the past six months according to a report by CBS News. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

According to CBS, Air Force Genernal Kevin Chilton reportedly said they're just beginning to track the costs, and that the military experiences attacks from a full gamut of intruders, including teenagers, cyber-criminals, and people involved in high tech espionage.

Assuming that the data is accurate, I once again find myself asking the same question that I've asked for years: Why are sensitive networks connected to the Internet where obviously intruders have a direct inroad? By doing that they're asking for trouble, and getting plenty of it. Darn near anyone could have predicted that too.

Maybe instead of wasting $100 million of tax payer's money on cleanup they could spend a fraction of that amount on appropriate defenses and another tiny fraction of it on how to use critical thinking and common sense?

I'm not holding my breath waiting on that. . .

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