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-Storage Viewpoint: Storage Security Becomes Priority One

-News from the Industry: Adaptec Makes Network Storage Simple and Easy to Deploy

-New and Improved
- NetApp Adds Fibre Channel and Replication to its SMB Storage Solution
- Roll Back to Any Point in Time for Data Recovery



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==== 1. Storage Viewpoint: Storage Security Becomes Priority One ====
by David Chernicoff, [email protected]

Until recently, asking an IT administrator about storage security often resulted in a puzzled look. IT security is generally thought of as a perimeter activity. Preventing unauthorized access to the network generally provides adequate protection to the contents of the network.

More-astute network administrators realize that there are other issues regarding storage security, the most pressing of which is making sure only the appropriate people have access to data. Because of various legal requirements regarding data storage--such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act--securing stored data has become a much higher priority in many businesses.

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==== News from the Industry ====
by Blake Eno, [email protected]

Adaptec Makes Network Storage Simple and Easy to Deploy

There's no doubt that small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) are a highly sought-out market. According to IDC, there are more than 8 million SMBs in the United States and more than 65 million worldwide. But what might be a bit more surprising is that only 35 to 45 percent of those SMBs have deployed network storage. I talked to Adaptec's Director of Business Development Mike DiNegilo to find out why a large number of SMBs haven't deployed network storage and how Adaptec plans to increase network-storage usage among SMBs. I learned that reasons for not adopting network storage range from the technology's growing complexity and limited IT resources for deploying network storage to the declining cost and increasing capacity of DAS. To overcome these impediments to network-storage adoption, Adaptec released OnTarget 3.0, software that uses the same interface to manage both DAS and IP SANs. This integration lets you easily and seamlessly the transition from DAS to IP SANs. Or, if you want, you can manage both technologies at the same time, by using the same console.

What's also unique to OnTarget, and beneficial to all types of organizations, is the software's ability to transform industry-standard servers into easy-to-use iSCSI storage appliances. Part of the complexity customers face stems from the lack of functionality that storage solutions provide. Adaptec's OnTarget offers enterprise-level functionality by providing data-management features such as automatic volume provisioning, snapshot capabilities, and synchronous mirroring.

==== New and Improved ====
by Blake Eno, [email protected]

NetApp Adds Fibre Channel and Replication to its SMB Storage Solution

Network Appliance announced updates to its small-to-midsized business (SMB) all-in-one network storage solution, StoreVault S500, which provides NAS, SAN, and DAS out of the box. StoreVault S500's StoreVault Replication software lets you copy file and block data over a WAN between multiple StoreVault S500s by using the StoreVault Manager 2.0 interface. StoreVault Replication replicates only changed data, which reduces network-bandwidth requirements. The software also provides replication checkpoints, which you can roll back to in case a data transfer is interrupted. NetApp also announced the StoreVault Fibre Channel Starter Kit, which includes a factory-installed host bus adapter (HBA), a 10-port 4GB Fibre Channel switch, and QLogic SANsurfer Express software. For more information about StoreVault, visit NetApp on the Web at:

Roll Back to Any Point in Time for Data Recovery

DataCore Software released Traveller Continuous Protection and Recovery (CPR) software, which lets you recover data by rolling back to any previous point in time, prior to disaster, virus attack, or any other disruptive event. Traveller CPR works transparently to users and runs in the background of your systems without impacting or disrupting applications and without using software agents. You can assign restored data volumes to servers directly via the Traveller CPR interface, so that production applications can use the volumes. Traveler CPR supports a number of systems, including Windows, Linux, VMware, and UNIX, and supports many applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server. For more information, visit DataCore Software on the Web at:


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