Windows IT Pro Storage UPDATE--Seagate Pushes Storage Limits--January 30, 2006

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1. Commentary
- Seagate Continues to Push Hard-Drive Boundaries

2. From the Community
- Backing Up an Open .pst File

3. New and Improved
- 3PAR Unveils Storage Cost-Optimizer
- Quest Software Announces New Email-Archiving Solution
- Tell Us About a Hot Product and Get a T-Shirt!

4. Windows IT Pro Resources

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==== 1. Commentary: Seagate Continues to Push Hard-Drive Boundaries ====
by David Chernicoff, [email protected]

Seagate Technology continues to push the storage envelope for desktop and notebook users with two new product releases: a 500GB Serial ATA (SATA) drive and a 5400rpm notebook drive that offers a capacity of 160GB--double the largest capacity currently found in most notebook offerings.

Seagate is marketing the 500GB SATA drive (the vendor's latest addition to its NL35 Series SATA drives, which already include 250GB and 400GB models) as a bare drive, to the nearline RAID storage market. This 7200rpm drive offers a 16MB cache and full interface-bandwidth data-transfer capabilities. Seagate offers several white papers about making the most of this technology, which you can download from the NL35 Overview Web page at The white papers focus on enterprise uses for the high-capacity, high-performance SATA drives in tiered-storage applications. Although the white papers are obviously focused on Seagate products, they contain useful information for anyone implementing a tiered-storage solution from scratch. They provide a good overview of the pitfalls and issues facing a large-scale tiered-storage implementation.

Seagate is also offering the 500GB drive in its Pushbutton Backup External Storage Hard Drives line (see These drives are similar to other vendors' products in that they provide a single-click backup solution, but the Seagate offering differentiates itself by its 7200rpm drives and 500GB capacity. Although Seagate offers its lower-capacity (200GB to 400GB) external backup drives in a USB 2.0 only or USB/FireWire combo, it appears that the 500GB drives will be available only in the combo package.

Seagate has also expanded its Momentus drive line, which features drive speeds from 4200rpm through 7200rpm, with the 5400rpm drives offering the highest capacities (up to 160GB) and support for Seagate's hardware-based Full Disc Encryption (FDE) technology, which provides security to mobile drives. (For more information about FDE, see "Seagate Makes Laptop Storage Secure and Simple" at The importance of this type of technology was all-too-aptly highlighted to me just last week when I received a letter from my financial investment manager (a top-tier firm) informing me that a notebook PC belonging to the firm had been stolen from an offsite location and that the notebook's hard drive contained data concerning my name and accounts.

Technology such as FDE can be used to reduce corporate exposure to such problems. (You can find an FDE product overview at The 160GB capacity will also help bring notebook storage in line with common desktop-storage capacities, and the 5400rpm drives are available in both SATA and standard ATA interfaces. Although the 7200rpm Momentus drives are available only in up to 100GB capacities, their high-performance interface and high data-transfer rate make them suitable for the workstation-class notebook computer that's become a more common request from users who need faster-than-average performance from their portable computers.

It's good to see Seagate continually introducing higher capacities and better performance into its product lines instead of simply letting products sit while the competition catches up. By continually driving the value/performance metric of storage, Seagate provides strong motivation to OEMs to provide improved value and performance to their customers as well.

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==== 2. From the Community ====

Backing Up an Open .pst File

Storage/Backup/Recovery member "whatf" is using Windows Backup and Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and needs to back up users' .pst files during a scheduled backup, but he can't back up the files because they're open. If you can help, join the discussion at

==== 3. New and Improved ====
by Anne Grubb, [email protected]

3PAR Unveils Storage Cost-Optimizer

3PAR announced a new solution for cost-optimizing storage environments that provides a simpler and less costly alternative to Information Lifecycle Management (ILM). The solution, Utility Data Lifecycle Management (DLM), reduces the cost and complexity of traditional ILM by eliminating the need for multiple storage platforms and processes. The solution uses 3PAR InServ storage servers as the hardware platform and provides four core elements, including support for multiple tiers of service from a single system and common storage pool; simplified storage-tier administration through the use of gold, silver, and bronze service levels; common data-management services across tiers through the use of 3PAR Virtual Copy and 3PAR Remote Copy; and online, nondisruptive data service-level optimization. 3PAR also announced that next year it will provide an additional feature in 3PAR Utility DLM: Adaptive Provisioning, which will deliver policy-based data service-level optimization that doesn't require mass information classification. For more information about 3PAR Utility DLM, contact the vendor on the Web:

Quest Software Announces New Email-Archiving Solution

Quest Software has released Archive Manager 3.0, an email-archiving solution that captures, indexes, and stores messaging data. The product is based on technology that Quest Software recently acquired through its purchase of AfterMail Limited. Archive Manager captures all email and attachments, including those in .pst files, and stores them in a tamper-proof data store, to help meet auditing and legal requirements. The product also enables knowledge sharing by providing secure access to email messages and attachments, which users can access via customer relationship management (CRM) systems or Web portals such as Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. Additionally, Archive Manager offers single-instance storage and compression technology to control data volume and decrease storage costs. Pricing for Archive Manager 3.0 begins at $40 per managed mailbox. For more information, contact the vendor on the Web:

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