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Windows IT Pro Storage UPDATE--NetApp Ups the Ante in Midrange Storage--June 13, 2005

Windows IT Pro Storage UPDATE--NetApp Ups the Ante in Midrange Storage

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Ensuring Protection and Availability for Microsoft Exchange


1. Commentary
- NetApp Ups the Ante in Midrange Storage
- Calling All Windows IT Pro Innovators! Enter Windows IT Pro's Innovators Contest.
- Chat with Mike Otey about SBS SP1

2. From the Community
- Why Is My Tape Drive in a Coma?

3. New and Improved
- Spectra Logic Offers Budget-Conscious Version of Spectra 2K Tape Library
- Texas Memory Systems Adds Redundant RAM to Solid-State Storage
- Tell Us About a Hot Product and Get a T-Shirt!

4. Windows IT Pro Resources


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==== 1. Commentary: NetApp Ups the Ante in Midrange Storage ====
by David Chernicoff, [email protected]

Last week, Network Appliance (NetApp) turned up the heat in its competition for midrange storage customers when it released two new storage systems that NetApp believes will redefine the value/performance model for midrange storage.

NetApp claims that the newest members of the NetApp FAS3000 product line ( )--the FAS3020 and FAS3050--will deliver up to twice the price/performance of the previous generation of NetApp's FAS storage line, and according to a VeriTest study, up to five times the performance of the comparable CLARiiON CX500 RAID 5 storage system from industry leader EMC. Note that NetApp uses its own RAID-DP (RAID Double Parity) technology instead of traditional RAID 5/RAID 10 data protection. RAID-DP is a double-parity data protection scheme that NetApp believes provides better protection and performance on large disk volumes. You can find technical details about RAID-DP at .

NetApp tells us that its customer base is demanding greater storage virtualization capabilities (to improve utilization of storage devices), better storage management, and a lower buy-in price. The new products meet these needs by providing two new V-Series storage virtualization engines, the NetApp V3020 and V3050; complete integration with the NetApp Data ONTAP 7G software; and the option to use Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives as primary storage--all in a very high-density package (up to 84TB and 336 disks). Given the price and capacity deltas between SATA and SCSI/Fibre Channel hard drives, customers can achieve significant economies by using SATA disks. Users who prefer more traditional storage at this level can opt for Fibre Channel drives. However, NetApp's position is that it can deliver this primary SATA storage without sacrificing the safety and integrity of the data stored on the FAS3000 devices. Other than the new Series 3000 storage products, the only other NetApp device to support this SATA option is the FAS960, part of the NetApp Filer Family ( ).

NetApp asserts that the V3020 and V3050 storage virtualization engines offer major performance improvements over earlier virtualization products. When used with the Data ONTAP 7G software, the new V-Series products will let customers integrate storage devices from competitors such as IBM, HP, Sun Microsystems, and Hitachi Data Systems, so that the NetApp product line can be integrated into an existing midrange storage enterprise with minimal disruption of existing services.

In the wake of various industry studies showing that data growth--and managing that growth--are the biggest challenges that storage users face, the new NetApp products take solid aim at the problem by offering comprehensive storage management and virtualization capabilities that extend beyond NetApp's own platform and including the value-priced SATA hard-drive lines as a primary storage location. As hard-drive manufacturers focus much of their attention on increasing SATA drives' capacities and improving their reliability and performance, bringing these drives, and their associated cost benefits, into the high-end storage market is clearly a path that should be considered--not only by buyers who need to focus first on buy-in cost, but also by those looking to provide the greatest overall benefit to their storage environment.

Calling All Windows IT Pro Innovators!

Have you developed a solution that uses Windows technology to solve a business problem in an innovative way? Enter your solution in the Windows IT Pro Innovators Contest! Grand-prize winners will receive a host of great prizes and a write-up in the November 2005 issue. Contest ends July 1, 2005.

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Chat with Mike Otey about SBS SP1

Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) has a new service pack. Windows IT Pro's Mike Otey will answer your questions about SBS SP1 in a chat on June 15 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time. For details, visit the Microsoft chat site at

==== Sponsor: Ensuring Protection and Availability for Microsoft Exchange ====

Protecting data has always been important. Given the heightened awareness around national security and protecting important human and physical assets, having solutions that are cost-effective, hardware independent, and scalable is something every IT manager should seriously consider. Download this free whitepaper to find out more about a complete data protection and disaster recovery solution from NSI Software.

==== 2. From the Community ====

Why Is My Tape Drive in a Coma?

Forum participant "tach18k" has an external Dell 110v backup drive that stopped working without providing any error messages or other clues to the problem's cause, other than a "pending" message. If you have an inkling of what might be causing the problem, join the discussion in the Other Computing-Storage/Backup/Recovery forum at

==== 3. New and Improved ====
by Anne Grubb, [email protected]

Spectra Logic Offers Budget-Conscious Version of Spectra 2K Tape Library

Spectra Logic has created a cost-minimized version of its popular Spectra 2K tape library to give customers what the vendor claims is the first true automated library that's competitive with the price of a single drive. The new library, called the Spectra 2K with AIT-3, uses Sony's AIT-3 drive technology and provides 3.9TB of compressed capacity and a transfer rate of more than 112GB per hour at a starting price of $3495. Customers can use any backup software with the Spectra 2K, including the NT Backup utility that's included with Windows, to run unattended, automatic backups. For more information, contact Spectra Logic on the Web:

Texas Memory Systems Adds Redundant RAM to Solid-State Storage

Texas Memory Systems has announced the availability of redundant RAM ("RAID-ed" memory) technology for its RamSan-325 solid-state storage systems. Texas Memory Systems' RamSan solid-state storage products use memory chips instead of magnetic disks to read and write data. The redundant RAM enhances the existing error correcting code (ECC), which corrects single-bit errors, by using the IBM Chipkill technology to correct multibit failures up to and including a total chip failure. The redundant RAM supplements the RamSan-325's existing high-availability features, which include redundant and hot-swappable power supplies, redundant batteries, and a four-disk RAID with hot-swappable backup hard disk drives that stores data that's flushed from memory. For more information, contact Texas Memory Systems on the Web:

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Ensuring Protection and Availability for Microsoft Exchange
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