StorageNetworks Updates Storage Management Software

StorageNetworks has announced an upgrade to its STORos platform. The upgrade includes STORos StorageManager v5.1, a new version of the platform software. STORos StorageManager lets customers manage and support heterogeneous storage. The new version improves support for third-party technologies, such as IBM's Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) Shark Model ESS F20 and Tivoli Management Suite, EMC's Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) technology, and INRANGE Technologies switches. The update also includes uninterrupted access to information in the STORos StorageManager v5.1 application with automatic failover capabilities.

The storage industry continues to push toward developing and adopting storage standards for management. "Customers are demanding key functionality--such as provisioning, chargeback, autodiscovery of assets, backup reporting and expanded multivendor support--to drive immediate returns on their storage investments. Our solution provides this functionality today," says Peter Bell, chairman and CEO of StorageNetworks. The company plans to support the emerging standards in future products.

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