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Storage Industry Companies Support Microsoft-Led Effort

Microsoft has launched an industry initiative to develop architecture guides for Internet and corporate data centers. The initiative is part of a new Microsoft Systems Architecture (MSA) program. Several storage companies, including Brocade, EMC, and Emulex, as well as other companies in the industry, including Avanade, Dell, Nortel Networks, and Unisys, support the initiative.

The initiative has already produced the first two of a series of MSA Prescriptive Architecture Guides (PAGs), "Internet Blueprint for the Microsoft Systems Architecture" and "Internet Blueprint Plus for the Microsoft Systems Architecture." In the coming months, the initiative expects to release additional guides that will present information about tested solutions for enterprise customers who deploy data centers built on the Windows 2000 Server platform. The guides will include information about server and storage consolidation and migration to the latest technologies. The vendors provide resources and information about their participation at the Web sites listed below.

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