JSI Tip 8716. When you view a Web site from Windows NT 4.0, you receive a Protected Storage error?

When you visit some Web sites, you receive a message similar to:

Protected Storage uses your Windows password to protect your personal data.

Protected Storage has detected data created with a previous version. To continue to use this data, enter your Windows password below.

To fix this behavior:

01. Log on with local administrator privileges.

02. Start / Run / regedt32 / OK.

03. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Protected Storage System Provider\security identifier.

04. On the Security menu, press Permissions and press Add.

05. Show Users and select Administrator in the Names list.

06. Press Add and select Full Control in the Type of Access list.

07. Press OK.

08. Check the Replace Permission on Existing Subkeys box.

09. Press OK and Yes.

10. Select the Protected Storage System Provider key and press Delete on the Edit menu.

11. Press Yes.

12. Exit the Registry Editor.

13. Start Internet Explorer.

14. On the Tools menu, press Internet Options.

15. Select the Content tab.

16. Select AutoComplete.

17. Select Clear Forms.

18. Press OK.

19/ Select Clear Passwords and press OK.

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