JSI Tip 6435. The Removeable Storage Service hangs and you cannot restore the RSM database?

When you start the Removable Storage Service, it hangs. When you try to restore the RSM database, you receive:

Backup cannot connect to the Removable Storage service.
This service is required for use of tape drives and other backup devices.

Instead of hanging, the Removable Storage Service may issue:


Server Execution failed.
The removable storage database failed to load. Check the event log.

If DelayStart is insufficient, or the RSM database is damaged, you will experience this behavior.

If DelayStart is sufficient, manually restore the RSM database:

1. Right-click My Computer and press Manage.

2. Double-click Services and Applications.

3. Double-click Services.

4. Double-click Removable Storage and press the Stop button. If you can't stop it, set Startup type to Disabled and restart your computer.

5. Use Windows Explorer to view the contents of %SystemRoot%\System32\NtmsData. Move all the files in this folder to a different folder, leaving %SystemRoot%\System32\NtmsData with no files

6. If the %SystemRoot%\System32\NtmsData\Export folder does NOT exist, you have probably never used Ntbackup to do a Full Backup of %SystemRoot%. In this case, Start the Removable Storage Service now to to create a new database and allow your alternate backup program to restore a good database. Exit this procedure.

7. Use the Registry Editor to navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\NTMS. Edit or Add the ImportDatabase Value Name, a REG_DWORD, and set the data value to 1.

8. Start the Removable Storage Service or change the Startup type from Disabled to Automatic and restart your computer. This will import a good copy of the database and rebuild the index.

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