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JSI Tip 4280. How do I add third-party or updated mass storage device drivers during Windows 2000 and Windows XP setup?

Setup attempts to detect all your mass storage controllers automatically.

To specify an additional mass storage device, press F6 during the boot into text-mode Setup.

NOTE: You are instructed to press F6 at the bottom of the screen for about 3 seconds.

Setup loads all the mass storage drivers that are listed in the Textsetup.sif file, before it loads any drivers that you entered during F6.

If you have an updated driver, you need to comment it out in the Textsetup.sif file. To do this, create the Windows Setup boot disks by using the batch file on the CD-ROM. The Textsetup.sif file is on the first boot disk. Open the Textsetup.sif file in notepad and place a semicolon (;) in front of the line in the \[Scsi.load\] and \[SCSI\] sections. Save your changes to the boot disk and start setup with the boot disk.

NOTE: See tip 4281 ยป Windows 2000 or Windows XP hangs during setup?

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