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JSI Tip 3518. How do I perform an unattended install with 3rd party mass storage drivers?

For the following example to work on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, the 3rd party drivers must use the Txtsetup.oem method of installation. You must use a distribution folder.

1. Create a $OEM$ folder under the distribution folder (<Drive:>\i386\$OEM$).

2. Create a folder named TEXTMODE uner the $OEM$ folder (<Drive:>\i386\$OEM$\TEXTMODE).

3. Copy all the driver files to the TEXTMODE folder. This must include the Txtsetup.oem file and at least one driver file (.sys).

4. Use Notepad to edit Txtsetup.oem and remove any reference in the \[disks\] section to \, floppy drives, and any other paths, replacing these references with a .. Example:

d1 = "Windows 2000 Driver Set v1.00", \w2kdsk1, \win2000\ultra160\
d1 = "Windows 2000 Driver Set v1.00", w2kdsk1, .     <--- Note the period at the end of the line.
5. Use Notepad to edit the Unattend.txt file and create:
"string that identifies the controller in the \[scsi\] section of TXTSETUP.OEM" = "OEM".
"Adaptec Ultra160 Family PCI SCSI Controller (29160, 39160, etc.)" = "OEM"
6. If you use this Unattend.txt on systems with IDE controllers that start using the in-box drivers, then also add
"IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller" = "RETAIL" to the \[MassStorageDrivers\] section, or you will BSOD with a Inaccessible Boot Device.

7. Create an \[OEMBootFiles\] section in the unattend.txt file and list the files that you copied into the TEXTMODE folder (step 3). This should include an .inf, .sys, and for Windows 2000 a .cat file. Example:


8. Add a OemPreinstall=Yes to the \[Unattended\] section, or Setup won't recognize the drivers.

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