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JSI Tip 2959. 'Protected Storage' error when a Windows 2000 roaming profile user logs onto Windows NT 4.0 to complete an IE form?

When you logon to a Windows NT 4.0 computer and use Internet Explorer to complete a form, you receive:

Protected Storage

Protected Storage uses your Windows password to protect your personal data.

Protected Storage has detected data created with a previous version. To continue to use this data, enter your Windows password below.
This error is due to the fact that your profile is stored in a Windows 2000 computer and the computer running Windows NT 4.0 has the AutoComplete feature of Internet Explorer enabled.

To fix the problem, turn off AutoComplete:

1. In Internet Explorer, Press Tools and Internet Options.

2. Select the Content tab.

3. Press the AutoComplete button.

4. Uncheck the Forms box.

5. Press OK and OK.

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