Storage Questions Answered, And For The Right Price

When I started this blog I wanted to put together somewhere that people could get their real life storage questions answered without having to bring in a high priced consultant and paying for a bunch of consulting hours just to get what is usually a simple question answered.  (Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to come in a do a health check on your storage for you.)

For this to really work I need your questions, problems, issues, ponderings, etc.  The questions can be real world, hypothetical, whatever you've got.

There are a couple of ways to get questions to be for this blog.  Sending me an email is probably the easiest way.  If you've got an account here on (and I really hope that you do so that you can get all the great content that there is to read here) feel free to post your question here in the comments of this post.  In either case no matter how you get the question to me I'll get it posted here in the blog with the answer.

The best part about Q & A blogs like this is that you can get questions answered that you didn't think to ask, because others have posted them which can then give you ideas about ways to do things differently in your own shop.  Hopefully the questions that you post will not only give you the answer that you need, but will also help someone else who might not be as willing to post the question.

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