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Steve Bink interviews Bob Muglia

I somehow missed this last week, but Steve Bink has published an interesting interview with Microsoft senior vice president Bob Muglia...

First of all I asked the obvious question about Hyper-V, if he would be more detailed on the release date than "after 180 days of the release of Windows Server 2008"

We talked about Vmware ESX and its features like shared memory between VMs, "we definitely need to put that in our product" later he said it will be in the next release. Like hot add memory, disk and nic's will be and Live migration of course, which didn't make it in this release.

He also stated that Microsoft was surprised how well Hyper-V performed for a first release product, compared to Vmware.

Hyper-V R2 will also support the virtualization hardware (CPU's)

When can we expect WS08 R2? -2010 and it will be only x64, some stats from the server 2008 beta, over 60% installations were 64bit.

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