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You Bet We’re Listening!

You Bet We’re Listening!

A SQL Server Magazine author goes the extra mile to help readers online

SQL Server Magazine readers are buzzing about Rodney Landrum's article, "SQL Server Integration Services," May 2007, InstantDoc ID 95385. Some readers, such as abates100, raved about the article: "Awesome! Have been wanting something like this for quite awhile since we have been adding SQL instances at an alarming rate. Seemed like such a huge task because I haven't used SSIS much, but your instructions were excellent."

Just as notable, though, are the reader comments asking for help with getting the article's instructions to work—and the author's prompt, obliging responses. For instance, reader Haywood wrote, "I can't seem to get this to run... I followed the article, and everything should work, but it isn't." Rodney helped Haywood, then went on to respond to other comments and even contacted several readers offline to help resolve their issues. The moral of the story: SQL Server Magazine really is on the job with you, and our authors and editors will go the distance to help our readers out.

You Drive Our Content

In direct response to readers' feedback on his SSIS article, Rodney is writing a follow-up article that will expand on both SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Rodney says the article "will deal with SQL Server 2000 vs. 2005–specific queries and accessing connections via nondomain accounts (DMA and SQL Authentication).

Not to mention at least five new reports and five new reporting categories." Look for that article in a few months. And keep those comments coming: SQL Server Magazine authors and editors are listening!
—Anne Grubb, Web Lead Editor, SQL Server Magazine

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