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Why do I get slow or no connections to SQL Server using IPX from my Win3x and Win9x clients?

A. If the connections work fine from NT then this is because of a network feature called "direct hosting". To resolve the problem either use another protocol completely or turn off the feature. On the NT Server this can be done by disabling the NWLink IPX/SPX binding in Windows NT Server service. After this is done, enable NWLink with NetBIOS on the client computer.

Alternatively you can turn it off at the client end. For Windows 3x machines this can be done by editing the system.ini file and amending/adding the following entry.


For Windows 95 use regedit.exe to navigate to the following registry key:


Add a string value named DirectHost and set the string value to 0 (zero). Also, ensure that NetBIOS support is enabled for NWLink, if NWLink is the only transport protocol loaded on the client computer running Windows 95.

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