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Whose Free DMV Monitoring Tool is Better?

If you've been paying attention to the free tools available on CodePlex ( - and I hope you HAVE been paying attention - then you know that the Tom Davidson of the famous SQLCAT team put out a nice SQL Server DMV monitoring tool way back in the day. (If you haven't already bookmarked the Microsoft SQL Server Customer Advisory Team's website,, then you should do that too!) You can find Tom's tool at: I recently got word from my friend Raoul Illyes about his own take on this kind of technology posted to CodePlex at Raoul is one of the top consultants at Miracle A/S, one of Denmark indeed one of Europe's top database consultancies. (Miracle A/S is at Raoul knows his stuff, so I'm certain that this tool is a strong value-add. What do you think? Try them both and post your feedback here! Cheers, -Kevin Twitter @KEKlin

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