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What's Happenin'?

There are lots of neat things happening on many of the blogs and personal websites of the SQL Server MVPs.  Here are a few to investigate:

Always a favorite of mine, SQL Down Under has posted show number 17 featuring Microsoft Architect and Development Manager and uber-genius Gert Drapers discussing the recently released Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals (formally known as Data-Dude) is now available for download from

Chuck Boyce has recently posted a bunch of video podcasts onto SSWUG.ORG some time today, including Adam Machanic interviewing Javier Loria, Douglas McDowell, Andrew Kelly, Rushabh Mehta, and Itzik Ben-Gan at Tech Ed.

Let me know what other blogs and resources are essentials for you at [email protected]. Inquiring minds what to know!

Many thanks,


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