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What do you think of Shared Source?

I happened upon an interesting, if somewhat dated discussion of Shared Source and its possible application to SQL Server at  


Shared Source, as you will recall, is Microsoft’s alternative to open source code in which premium customers who pay for the service get the opportunity to look at the source code to designated Microsoft programs.  Of course, who gets to look at what is completely up to Microsoft.  Unlike open source, customers are not allowed to alter the code.  Microsoft has indicated that they’re open to customer input regarding which products should be made Shared Source, but have not really moved the discussion forward lately especially with regards to SQL Server.


Now, I can’t imagine anyone, either customer or vendor, who would want SQL Server opened up as Shared Source.  I don’t see that many benefits (if any) to opening up the code.  On the other hand, I see drawbacks particularly around security if SQL Server were opened up to the Shared Source program. 


On the other hand, I could see some value in opening up one or more of the smaller SQL Server toolkits to Shared Source.  For example, the SQL Express Manager is a very lightweight and low functionality tool.  This tool might be a good candidate to for Shared Source, but only if security can be insured.


Do you have an opinion on the Shared Source program?  I’d love to hear what you think.


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