What Constitutes Spam?

I’m curious about your opinion about what sorts of scenarios are spam and which are not.  In my case, I’m specifically interested in getting feedback about two specific constituencies. 


First, as the leader of a software development team at Quest, I’m interested in getting the feedback of my product users.  It’s also true to say I’m very interested in getting the feedback of people who either don’t like my products or who like other competing products. 


The second constituency I and the rest of the board of directors are interested in hearing feedback from members of PASS.  We’d love to hear their opinions on lots of things related to PASS, everything from the value of membership, articles, streamed conference sessions, and so forth.


So what are the boundaries of spam here?  Is it for those who opt-in only?  Or is it something you can also make open to subscribers of newsletters and the like?  Your opinion makes a big difference to me.  Let me know what you think.





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