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Welcome to 2009 and Four Years of Blogging

It's hard for me to believe it, but I've been blogging about SQL Server for over four years now.  For those of you who've been reading my blog all of these years, thank you.  And if you've commented or added a few thoughts over the years, I thank you even more!  It's hard to get up the courage and carve out the time to post in the first place, so adding a comment is always a nice validation that the blog is both being read and offering something of value.

I also want to say a special word of thanks to my friend Michele Crocket and the team at SQL Server Magazine for giving me the opportunity to blog there starting way back in December of 2004.  If you're curious, take a look at my first (rather uneventful) blog post here.  Over the years, I've written an average of two blog posts per week.  But, for some reason, my favorite blog posts have little to do with a specific SQL Server tip or piece of practical advice.  My favorite blog posts usually tend to be off-topic articles like the gathering of the first PASS board of directors, my series of posts about getting into the book writing business, and the shower that tried to kill me.

As we begin the new year, there's a lot to look forward to with many new innovations in the technology, SQL Server, that is the hub of our professional life.  Drop me a note if you think of something you'd like to see get special attention as I blog.  And, once again, thanks for reading my blog as it now enters its fifth year.


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