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Updated Site for YourSQLDBA

From Maurice Pelchat, author of the free tool YourSQLDBA, which I profiled in the June 2009 issue of SQL Server Magazine. The article is also available on-line at Note that Maurice asks for feedback in the final paragraph of his note. Why not respond here? Thanks, -Kev ... We moved YourSqlDba to our own domain. It was too much trouble to work with Source Forge. Too big for a single file project. We also change the license to a more permissive one, LGPL, which allows a commercial product to build on the tool without the requirement of being itself LGPL. Only modification to the YourSqlDba need to remains free under that licence. Here is the address where you can have access to YourSqlDba scripts. On this page we also provide a subscription list for English users. This list is to keep users notified from new releases. For French users we have the same pages in French. All the stuff is delivered into a single .chm file from which it is possible to open directly the script with Visual Studio. We maintain in the .chm file home page an history that documents these changes and releases. We also think putting the project on Codeplex. It was not possible before because of the GPLv3 license. It stills require to put source code on SVN. Just making a link to our download is not enough. I’m trying to figure out if it is going to be convenient for us to use subversion source control

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