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Two Cool Resources for Learning Windows and SQL Server

I got this cool info from Ben Miller, my MVP lead at Microsoft.  There are some useful new learning resources for 64-bit computing at

First course is called “Windows Server: Taking Advantage of 64-Bit Computing.”  Since it’s MSDN, the resource is targeted more towards a developer audience.  And just for kicks, there’s a cool drawing involved.  Rules are on the site via a link.  Prizes include: 

Grand Prize Sony 50" Plasma WEGA High Definition TV ultimate home theater package
2nd Prize Nikon D70 SLR Digital Camera package
3rd Prize Bose Acoustic Wave 5-CD Music System
4th Prize Bose Acoustic Noise-cancelling Headphones

The session covers key new technologies in Visual Studio 2005.  There will be more courses planned in the near future, but for now, go see the site for details.

If you haven’t already begun to experience SQL Server 2005, you should get busy!  The crew in Redmond has made new SQL Server 2005 Virtual Hands-on labs available to the public.  The labs offer real(ish) experience for many of the new features in SQL Server 2005 including CLR integration, XML support, and BI.  Follow the link and experience SQL Server 2005 for yourself:

And thanks to Ben for these great tips.  Check out his blog at  

Hope this helps,


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