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Top SQL Server Highlights: Microsoft's Plan for Data

Top SQL Server Highlights: Microsoft's Plan for Data

SQL Server is the most deployed database in the world

A recap of this week's news on SQL Server Pro, including insights on Microsoft's strategic direction for SQL Server, the impact of the Heartbleed vulnerability, and happenings at this week's Red Hat Summit conference…

Microsoft's Plan for SQL Server

Microsoft recently held a customer event where the company outlined its strategic direction for data going forward. Notable announcements from Microsoft included that the SQL Server business is worth over $5 million for the company, and SQL Server is growing at an unprecedented pace, as it holds 45 percent market share by being the most deployed database in the world. And although a majority of the event focused on how Microsoft plans to make data accessible to every organization and individual, there's still a lot of great new features in SQL Server 2014 that were showcased for DBAs to get excited about.

Heartbleed Vulnerability

The Heartbleed security flaw is something that's been covered heavily in the news and is on everyone's minds. See our SQL Server Pro article, "OpenSSL's Major Security Flaw: Protect Your Data with this Fix" for helpful tips and tricks for protecting your organization's data. Additionally, Microsoft Azure users will be happy to know that the service was not impacted by the bug.

Red Hat Summit News

Back in February, Red Hat and Hortonworks announced a strategic partnership to provide an open-source infrastructure solution for data-driven application. Now at the Red Hat Summit conference in San Francisco this week, the two companies announced that Red Hat's OpenShift service is now integrated with the Hortonworks Data Platform so that organizations can develop analytic applications with ease.

Stay tuned for additional updates and information from SQL Server Pro.

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