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SSIS-Data Pump Comparison and Good Links

I always like to stay on top of new and useful websites. Here are a few URLs that were recently brought to my attention that are worth your time. First of all, Jimmy May is a friend of mine who serves as a Senior Performance Consultant for Microsoft on SQL Server projects. I’ve seen a lot of his private content on SQL Server and can testify that it is top-quality information. He’s started blogging, so I think that those private notes of his will start getting wider exposure. Subscribe to his blog now, at, because you’ll soon be getting some fantastic content. Next, Jonathan Kehayias is an enterprise DBA for Outback Restaurants (Yum!). Lately, he’s been working on a nice little tool for managing SQL Server extended events, which I’m writing up for a future Tool Time article in SQL Server Magazine. Check out his new tool at Extended events in SQL2008 are, in my humble opinion, one of the coolest features in SQL2008 at the same time as being one of the most poorly documented features. Finally, Matt Masson works on the Microsoft SSIS team. I met him back at the MVP Summit during the spring. You can read his interesting blog at Since I live in a more heterogeneous world than a lot of the SQL Server bloggers, I really enjoyed his article comparing various data pump tools to SSIS. Read it here. Enjoy! -Ke

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