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The SQL Server Professional's Holiday Wish List

Dear Santa,

I know you’re busy this time of year getting the sleigh ready and finishing toy production. Rather than getting separate wish lists from a bunch of SQL Server pros, I asked a few of my friends in the SQL Server community what they thought should be on the naughty and nice list for SQL Server pros this year. Here are some of their ideas (in no particular order of importance).

Nice List:

  • My 7-year-old son Joseph isn’t quite a SQL Server pro yet, but he truly could use two new front teeth. However, I’m pretty sure that’s not all he wants. Can you throw in a few Wii games?
  • Richie thinks some cool info about the SQL Server appliance strategy will help people find their way without getting mired in the mud.  He’s pretty sure it will be a big deal next year.
  • Tommy RockStar wants solid state drives (SSDs) for all his servers, a true self-tuning database (Tommy, even Santa has his limits), his very own Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) certification, SQL Server code-named “Denali” to ship on time, and, of course, an iPad because Angry Birds deserves to be played on a big screen.
  • Geoff the snowman asks for better enterprise features in SQL Azure, such as multi-data center replication, backup, and some useful performance tuning knobs.
  • Kevin is on a “Quest” for some shiny new SSDs for his laptop to help with demos, a new high-speed Wi-Fi N router to help with his webcasts, and 4G service in his neighborhood.
  • SSIS Andy is tired of Microsoft’s elves taking features away from newer versions of SQL Server’s development and admin tools. Microsoft can set defaults to whatever it wants, but ‘tis the season to have the option to set them back. Don’t you trust us, Santa?
  • And Julie Lou Who hopes that the world will have more grace by giving bigger hearts to thankless Grinch’s whose current hearts are two sizes too small. Fahoo fores dahoo dores. World peace to all, and to all a good night!

Naughty List:

  • Little Stacia Lou Who suggested the Microsoft Press book “Microsoft Access 2010 Inside Out.” Could any SQL Server pro truly be that naughty? I sure hope not!
  • Tommy RockStar suggested a new SQL Server engine feature that sends painful electrical shocks to people who issue queries without a WHERE clause.

I’ve probably missed a few nice SQL Server pros, and I know that I’ve missed some naughty ones. But I’m not worried. I know you’ve got your list and will be checking it twice. By the way, is your list in the cloud or on-premises? Is it in SQL Server or are you using one of those trendy NoSQL engines? Either way, I’ll have plenty of cookies for you and the reindeer.

Love and kisses,

Brian and all of your fans in the SQL Server community

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