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SQL Layer: The SQL-NoSQL Love Child

SQL Layer: The SQL-NoSQL Love Child

FoundationDB announced today the release of SQL Layer, a SQL database engine powered by the FoundationDB Key-Value Store. SQL Layer is a combination of the best features from both SQL and NoSQL, and presented to users in a free, open-source SQL database system.

The new release supports multi-machine scalability and fault-tolerance, using FoundationDB's Key Value Store to store all persistent data, and it can power multiple different kinds of websites without requiring extensive modification. This new release is available together with Spree Commerce, an open-source ecommerce platform, with a one button deployment via GoGrid.

SQL Layer provides to users a handful of new features, including:

  • Hierarchical table modeling, which allows users to model related tables into a hierarchy that reflects an object structure, offsetting other functions that slow performance.
  • SQL Layer is optimized for highly-concurrent applications, and can use parallel execution to parallelize random IO requests and drive down latencies for complex queries.
  • Nested select is another new feature in SQL Layer, providing users with the option to select data that relates to an object in a hierarchical manner without explicitly specifying the joins.

These features and more are available to the public on Github, or you can check out the FoundationDB and Spree combination for your SQL application. For more information on SQL Layer, watch the demo video or visit the FoundationDB website.

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