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Speaking in Vancouver at DevTeach, June 8-12

Join me and many other friends, like Bill Graziano, Peter Debetta, and Brad McGeehee, as we speak next week at the DevTeach conference in Vancouver, BC. You can register at Take a look at the impressive conferences schedule (at ) with 136 sessions presented in 8 rooms from June 9th to June 11th. The schedule is jam packed with advanced sessions. Also including a Silverlight track and tracks on new application live-cycle. This three day schedule includes 37 SQL Server and Server product sessions, 17 Agile sessions, 17 on software architecture and 57 .NET sessions. It's very inexpensive and there are lots of great side-events to enjoy. For example, there's a bonus session on Monday night, presented by Beth Massi, just prior to the reception/party. Beth will be talking about the future directions for Microsoft Visual Basic and C#, covering things like Microsoft’s new managed languages strategy, demos of the language features in VB and C#, and demos of the new VS2010 code editor features. Hope to see you there! -Ke

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