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Soliciting Feedback for the 3rd Edition of "SQL in a Nutshell"

Kevin here. In the 2nd edition of my book "SQL in a Nutshell", I covered the latest ANSI SQL implementation, plus the full syntax and usage of the SQL commands for IBM's DB2 UDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. You can imagine how much work that was.

I'm now starting to plan for the 3rd edition of the book since all of the database platforms have a new major release under their belts. But I'm curious - how much PostgreSQL are you actually seeing out there in the market? I've been very watchful and still see very little of it. Because of this, I'm strongly leaning towards dropping coverage of PostgreSQL. It will save me an enormous amount of work and quite a bit of space in the book. Thoughts?

Also, I appreciate any other thoughts or comments you might have about improving "SQL in a Nutshell".

Many thanks,


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