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Sharing SQL Server Knowledge and Secrets Helps Everyone

I was asked to participate in this new concept here at SQL Server Pro called IdeaXchange, and since it is new, I wasn't sure which direction to go with this. Then, it hit me—in a way things have come full circle for me.

I started answering questions on SQL Server Pro forums many years ago when I was a Visual FoxPro developer. When I made the leap to SQL Server, I once again took to the forums, but was a relative newbie. As such, I used the forums as a means to learn from other people's real life issues and experiences.

Road to Microsoft SQL Server MVP

I eventually began answering questions as my own experience grew—and that led to becoming a SQL Server MVP for the last 12 years. But, the point is that I wouldn't be a MVP if it wasn't for the experience of others who were willing to share their secrets with me—and everyone else who was willing to learn.

To this day, I still truly enjoy sharing my own knowledge and experience while helping others along the way. I believe that interaction in the forums vs. just reading a book helped me keep interest and provided a better way for me to grow my knowledge. I even made a few new friends along the way.

Together We Can Enhance Our Knowledge

So, I challenge all of you to use this new tool called IdeaXchange to do just that, and together we can enhance our knowledge in many ways—and hopefully, have some fun at the same time. Where do you want to go today?

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