Sending Query Analyzer Results to Excel

I often send query results to users through email or copy the results to Microsoft Word documents. Query Analyzer in text mode provides headings for the query results, but the headings don't copy and display well in Microsoft Excel or email. I can use Query Analyzer's output-file option, but that requires more mouse clicks than I want. Is there an easy way to copy a query result's column headings and values from Query Analyzer to Excel?

I regularly copy query results into Word documents by selecting Tab Delimited from the Query Analyzer Tools, Options, Results, Results Output Format menu. This option copies results into Word or Excel nicely. Excel formats the result set into a spreadsheet grid with no extra work. But if you copy into Word, you'll probably also want to use the convert text to table option, which formats the data into a table that's easy to read and to send in email.

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