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A Russian View of SQL Server 2005

When Quest acquired Windows tools company Aelita early in 2004, the merger also brought in a very large office in St Petersburg, Russia.  Aelita, at that time, had the entirety of its development staff located there in Russia.  As time has gone by, many of the developers on my SQL Server team have also come from our Russian lab.  


So it was with great interest that I learned about This is a good collection of articles about SQL Server 2005, many of them in Russian.


There are also some sites in the USA run by SQL Server professionals who come from areas of the RussianCommonwealth such as  Alexander Chigrik is the owner and main contributor of the site, but many articles are written by Sergey Vartanyan.  I especially like this site for its concise lists of useful tips, many of them top 10 lists.


Are there any Russian readers or bordering countries out there?  What’s your opinion of SQL Server 2005?


Many thanks,


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