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Red Hat Summit: OpenShift Now Integrated with Hortonworks Data Platform

Red Hat Summit: OpenShift Now Integrated with Hortonworks Data Platform

Accelerates application development with open source, Apache Hadoop

The Red Hat Summit is now in full swing in San Francisco, and a clear trend that we’re seeing is how data-driven applications and analytical tools are intregal to making sound business decisions. As a result, businesses need to adapt to modern data architectures that enables them to use their existing data stores with Hadoop to meet data storage and processing challenges.

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In February, Red Hat and Hortonworks teamed up to deliver an open-source, infrastructure solutions for data-driven applications. Today, Red Hat announced that its OpenShift service will now be integrated into OpenShift PaaS with Hortonworks Data Platform. Additionally, the two companies are combining the open-source Apache Hadoop with OpenShift PaaS to increase the speed of application development.

This announcement now lets customers develop analytic applications that run where big data resides in Hadoop through the Hortonworks Data Platform. And because Hadoop clusters are known for being very large, it’s essential that those apps are deployed into a PaaS that runs ‘In-Hadoop.’ As a result, this lets applications leverage data access for SQL, NoSQL, and additional data sources, providing benefits that include data locality, efficient data access, as well as the ability to manage resource requirements.

To learn more about this announcement, see the company’s official blog on the OpenShift website.

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