Q. You receive 'Resource Manager creation failed: result code = 0x8004d102' when you run a distributed transaction on a SQL Server 2005, or SQL Server 2000, failover cluster?

When you use MS DTC (MicroSoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator) to run a distributed transaction on a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 failover cluster, or a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 failover cluster, you receive a fatal error and SQL Server does not connect to MS DTC. The SQL error log contains:

Resource Manager Creation Failed: Result Code = 0x8004d102

This behavior occurs because the computer that is running SQL Server does not disconnect from MS DTC when a fatal error occurs, causing MS DTC to assume the two computers that are running SQL Server have the same GUID, and both are attempting to connect to the same MS DTC resource, thus preventing the connection.

To workaround this behavior, restart the MS DTC resource in the cluster, or create a MS DTC resource in the same cluster group as SQL Server.

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