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Publisher's Letter

Four years ago, we launched Windows NT Magazine to help Windows NT administrators get their jobs done. We want our readers to say, "I can use that solution today!" We provide a unique blend of how-to articles, strategies, product reviews, and news analysis that more than 300,000 subscribers read in nine languages worldwide. Most important, Windows NT Magazine is a reader-driven publication. The letters and articles that readers send have a profound effect on the publication's direction. Although we cover SQL Server on a regular basis in Windows NT Magazine, our readers told us they wanted more.

We heard you.

The publisher of Windows NT Magazine is proud to bring you the premiere issue of SQL Server Magazine. If SQL Server is a part of your work, we're committed to making SQL Server Magazine a must-read for you every month. We make these promises to you:

First, we promise to provide the best SQL Server articles available. Like you, our authors work with SQL Server every day. Our authors are committed to providing practical, easy-to-understand answers to real-life problems you encounter with SQL Server.

Second, we promise to be technically accurate and fair. Each article goes through a painstaking technical editing process before we approve it. We want you to trust that if it's in SQL Server Magazine, it works.

Third, we promise to keep you up to speed on the latest developments in the SQL Server market. We've already launched SQL Server Magazine UPDATE, a free weekly electronic newsletter that provides product announcements, tips, security alerts, and more. You can subscribe at

Fourth, we promise to help you get your jobs done. For database administrators, the magazine will provide practical, hands-on articles for creating the most efficient SQL Server environment. For corporate developers, the magazine will provide a step-by-step guide to developing business-critical applications on the SQL Server platform. For IT managers, we'll provide a strategic look at application-development methodologies, business intelligence, and deployment issues. For data warehouse architects, SQL Server Magazine will be the definitive guide to building data warehouses using online analytical processing (OLAP), query and reporting tools, Data Transformation Services (DTS), and other related technologies.

We are insanely devoted to making this magazine the place to turn when you want to get something done with SQL Server. Thanks for reading!

Mark Smith, Editorial Director/Group Publisher
[email protected]

P.S. We welcome your input! Send letters to [email protected] To contribute to our Reader to Reader column, send submissions to [email protected] Send article ideas to [email protected]

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