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Product Roundup: Updates from DBSophic, WhereScape, Nob Hill Software, Idera, Red Gate Software, and More

DBSophic Introduces Workload Tuning for SQL Server

DBSophic has released Qure for SQL Server, a new product that uses a new approach to database optimization called workload tuning. According to the vendor, unlike query-to-query tuning, workload tuning optimizes the entire database workload automatically. Since a workload may include millions of queries, the process runs offline, incurring no load on the production environment. A free trial version of Qure for SQL Server is available at

WhereScape Enhances IDE for Data Warehousing

WhereScape has released WhereScape RED 6.5, the latest version of its integrated development environment for data warehousing. The latest version includes a number of features to better support agile data warehousing, such as: automated generation of standard code; automated development of standard BI logic; integrated operations framework with job scheduler and error reporting; version management for stored procedures and database objects; the ability to load and back out changes from the command line; and multiple user definable windows for testing browser-based products. To learn more, visit

Nob Hill Software Enhances Data Profiler

Nob Hill Software has updated Data Profiler, a monitoring product that tracks changes to data. The product can take snapshots of your data or run in the background to monitor changes on a group of tables and send email alerts concerning specific changes. It also lets you drill down into specific changes or restore your tables to a previous point in time. Data Profiler supports MSSQL, MySQL, and any database supporting OLEDB. To learn more, visit

Idera Updates SQL admin toolset, Releases Linked Server Copy

Idera has announced Idera SQL admin toolset 1.5, with 25 desktop tools for monitoring, troubleshooting, administration, and reporting. SQL admin toolset 1.5 adds a new tool, Linked Server Copy, which lets DBAs copy linked servers from one SQL Server instance to another. Other features of Linked Server Copy are: view all the linked servers that exist on the source server, or copy linked servers from the source instance to a destination instance. To learn more about SQL admin toolset, visit

Red Gate Updates SQL Storage Compress

Red Gate Software has released SQL Storage Compress 5.0, the latest update to its product that reduces the storage footprint of SQL Server databases. Enhancements to the latest version include: compression of up to 90 percent; the ability to run compressed, live databases; transaction log backups created with SQL Server, SQL HyperBac, SQL Backup Pro, and other third-party backup products; performance improvements up to 25 percent; and new support documentation. To learn more or download a trial, visit

QweryBuilder 6.2 Simplifies Querying

Werysoft has released QweryBuilder 6.2, an update to its database development and querying tool. QweryBuilder lets end users extract data without writing code. The product also helps developers to more easily create queries, procedures, tables, views, and triggers. The primary improvement in version 6.2 is a new data transfer utility that lets you move data between two supported data sources. QweryBuilder also works with ASE, SQL Anywhere, Oracle, and ODBC databases. To learn more, visit

ScriptLogic Security Explorer Enhances Compliance

ScriptLogic has announced Security Explorer 7.5, the latest version of its product for real-time management of access controls and security on workstations. Security Explorer helps IT pros apply security policies consistently across an organization's servers. One of the most significant enhancements to version 7.5 is that it works with the Exchange 2010 Role Based Access Control (RBAC) permissions model, letting IT use RBAC to streamline assigning roles. To learn more or download a free 30-day evaluation, visit

Hedgehog 4.0 Enhances Database Scanning

Sentrigo has released Hedgehog Enterprise 4.0, the latest version of its database monitoring solution. The new version of the product includes a new product called Hedgehog DBscanner, a vulnerability assessment and scanning solution that integrates security and compliance events with most enterprise network and security monitoring systems. DBscanner conducts 3,000 different checks of your databases, pinpoints specific tables containing restricted information, checks for password vulnerabilities, provides regulatory compliance report templates, and more. To learn more, visit

CozyRoc Releases SSIS+ 1.5 Library

CozyRoc has released CozyRoc SSIS+ 1.5, a library of 48 third-party components for SQL Server Integration Services for secure communications, compression, encryption, script reuse, and EDI data processing. New features in the latest version include: email support; Excel support; and integration with Dymanics CRM, SharePoint, and Parallel Loop. The product also integrates with IBM DB2, Oracle, SalesForce, and Amazon. To learn more or download the trial version, visit

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