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Product Roundup: The Latest from Advanced System Concepts, Idera, and Red Gate Software

ActiveBatch Expands Jobs Library and Support

Advanced System Concepts announced ActiveBatch V8.0, which features an improved application’s job and workflow management capabilities through an expanded Jobs Library and support for Microsoft System Center products. New to ActiveBatch is line of business adapters that can invoke Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft .NET, Windows Component Object Model functions, and Oracle functions and procedures, without the need for scripting. ActiveBatch now supports the inclusion of Microsoft Biztalk Windows Communication Foundation LOB adapters within the Jobs Library. To learn more, visit

Idera Updates SQL safe and SQL virtual database

Idera announced SQL safe 6.4, its SQL Server backup and recovery solution. DBAs can now manage an organization’s network of SQL Server backups across trusted and non-trusted domains, execute previous backup operations by choosing to rerun a single failed policy job or rerun the entire policy, and verify backup files directly from the SQL safe Management Console. Idera has also released SQL virtual database 1.4, a solution that lets backup files look and act like an actual SQL Server database. With updated features users can run queries, insert and delete data, run reports, and perform index fragmentation and database integrity checks against SQL Server database backup files. To learn more about both products, visit

Extend SSMS with SQL Source Control

Red Gate Software has released SQL Source Control, a tool that lets users control a database from within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). SQL Source Control connects users’ databases to either Team Found Server or Subversion. Key features include change tracking and change-management overhead. Also, Source Control can be integrated with Red Gate Software’s SQL Developer Bundle. To learn more, visit

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