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Podcasts and Radiocasts

You can hear two of my favorite SQL Server speakers, Kim Tripp and Kalen Delaney (a fellow author for SQL Server Magazine), online in two new resources.


Australian SQL Server MVP Greg Low had the great idea that the SQL Server community should have the same sort of downloadable content that the developer community takes for granted.  Thanks to support from Readify, and in particular Bill Chesnut, Greg set up a new site called


Among other resources, Greg has started to work on podcasts.  The first show is downloadable from the site now.  It features an interview with SQL Server MVP Kalen Delaney and covers a background of the product plus Kalen's favorite features in SQL Server 2005.


Another cool site is .Net Rocks at  It’s a radio show format hosted by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell, both of whom I met at the really fun Canadian event called DevTeach (  We’ll all be speaking there again this June.  So if you want some great .NET and SQL Server content, check out the event website.  There’s a lot of great content on the .Net Rocks website, but my latest listen was Kimberly Tripp’s interview at


Give it a listen!




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