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PASS Seminar on Virtualization

For those of you who attended our fun and informative PASS session last year on "Surviving the Data Avalanche" and VLDBs, you might be interested in attending this year's panel discussion on Virtualization. Here are the details: Virtualization and SQL Server in the Enterprise - An Expert Panel Discussion PASS 2007, Denver, CO Thursday, September 20, 2007 Noon – 1 P.M. Moderated by Kevin Kline, PASS President and SQL Server MVP Featuring Microsoft, Avanade, Solid Quality Mentors, and Quest Software In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in server virtualization technologies. What’s fueling this interest is the fact that virtualization can dramatically lower IT costs. Virtualization provides a fresh and unique perspective of the data center. With hardware enhancements such as Intel VT or AMD-V, it is more capable than ever of handling enterprise workloads. Plus, virtualization provides more than simple consolidation; it also brings unparalleled levels of recovery, protection, and automation. Companies of all sizes are looking at ways to use this relatively new technology to cut IT costs, as well as increase server and application performance. Virtualization is sure to impact you at some point. Are you ready? Join this expert panel seminar moderated by PASS president Kevin Kline to better understand virtualization and what to consider when using SQL Server in a virtual environment. The panel will explore specific needs in IT organizations with large SQL Server deployments. It will provide: § A broad picture of virtualization benefits and decisions that determine the effects of those benefits § Insight on planning, deploying, and managing a virtual environment for SQL Server 2005 § Ways to leveraging storage, network, and computing resources to control costs and respond faster § Background on the virtualization of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and how it differs from multi-instancing § A vision for reducing management overhead and technology investment while permitting users to scale your SQL Server environments § Detailed tips and tricks for creating an effective virtualization environment Many in the SQL Server world are considering moving toward virtualization – but don’t make the wrong move! Arm yourself with the information and direction you need to stay out in front. Register at

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