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PASS 2005 European Conference in Munich

This is going to be an incredibly busy week for me.  The first two days of this week will be spent in board meetings where we check on and/or set direction for a number of PASS initiatives.  The last half of the week will be devoted to the actual European Conference itself.


For example, one of the major initiatives that PASS is considering is where to hold the next European conference?  There are a number of factors to be considered:


  1. Should we hold it in the same location for more than one year or should we move it every year?  (Multi-year contracts at most venues are less expensive.)
  2. What cities in Europe have strong SQL Server communities and also have good conference infrastructure?
  3. Where is PASS most likely to receive strong support from Microsoft and other key vendors?

Each of these factors can be a key decision factor into whether we go to one location or another.  I would especially like to hear your opinion if you are in Europe, the Middle East, or Asia.  What sort of factors do you take into account when you look at attending events in Europe.


In addition, I’m pleased to highlight that SQL Server Magazine and PASS are partnering to bring the very successful SQL Server 2005 Yukon Readiness Roadshows to Europe:


Lisbon - June 1
Prague - June 7
Reykjavik - June 15
Rome - June 21-22
Milan - June 29-30


Check for all the details!  Register today because seats are limited and these events always sell out to standing room only.


Let me know what you think.





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