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A nifty tool for Full-text search users

SQL Server MVP and author Hilary Cotter was recently telling me about a full-text tool called LRTest.exe.  Lrtest (language resource test) is a command-line tool which ships with the SharePoint Portal Server resource kit which you can obtain from SharePoint Portal Server CD in the Support\Tools directory. 

In the words of Microsoft - "The Language Resource Test Tool allows the loading of word breakers, stemmers, and filters so that the user can see the output of these resources given specific input.  This is helpful for:
--Word breakers and stemmers when identifying how text is broken at index time, query time, and query time with stemming.
--Filters to view exactly what the output is from a given filter."

If you don't have the SharePoint Portal Server CD, then you can get the tool from  The Microsoft Knowledge Base article at describes how to use this tool.

Hope this helps,


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