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New Windows CE Products

In his June 8 keynote speech at the Windows CE Developers Conference held in Denver, Colo., Bob Muglia, Microsoft's senior VP of Microsoft's business productivity group, unveiled a long-awaited SQL Server lite, Microsoft SQL Server for Windows CE. Look for a beta by the end of the year. Joining Microsoft on the stage was Mark Gentile, president and CEO of New York-based Odyssey Software, which markets APIfusion and CEfusion tools for Windows CE developers. CEfusion ships with PocketQuery, an application that started as a sample program to demonstrate some of CEfusion's functionality. Mark also demonstrated in the keynote how Odyssey had exposed English Query 7.0 to the Windows CE platform, allowing PocketQuery to access a server-side English Query engine that translates plain English queries into SQL statements which are then processed via ADO. The overhead is about 50K to extend ADO for Windows CE, so ADO can talk to the English Query engine.

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