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SQL Server Pro new website launch
<p> SQL Server Pro new website launch</p>

New Website Launches SQL Server Pro into 14th Year

Upgraded features and improved performance

What a difference 14 years can make. SQL Server Magazine and the accompanying website were launched in March 1999. Today, as SQL Server Pro enters its 14th year, we're excited to launch an improved and updated website to serve the continued needs of Microsoft SQL Server professionals.

Online communication and technology have changed dramatically in 14 years. Let's take a quick look at the evolution. In 1999, our website was a compilation of print magazine articles, contained no images, and SQL Server 7.0 was a top story.

Original SQL Server Magazine website in 1999.
Original SQL Server Magazine website in 1999.

By 2003, SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition (64-bit) hit the street and the website had a more advanced layout that included images and expanded navigation.

Website as it appeared in 2003.
Website as it appeared in 2003.

The hot topic in 2006 was SQL Server 2005 and its new features. The website had a different design with yellow as an accent color. in 2006. in 2006.

Silverlight and Visual Studio 2010 were top stories in 2010. Search became and little more advanced and you could easily view the "Most Viewed," "Most Commented," and "Most Emailed" articles.

SQL Server Magazine website in 2010.
SQL Server Magazine website in 2010.

Our name changed in 2012 to SQL Server Pro, but our goals and mission didn’t. We continue to provide resources that help SQL Server database administrators and architects, BI professionals, and SQL Server developers do their jobs. We serve SQL Server users at all levels, from novice to advanced, with practical, hands-on information straight from SQL Server experts.

SQL Server Pro website in December 2012.
SQL Server Pro website in December 2012.

The latest version of the SQL Server Pro website includes the following features:

Improved search. Our new platform offers enhanced search so you can find that exact article on SQL backup and recovery you are looking for.

An optimized mobile website. A growing number of SQL Server professionals use a mobile device to access our website. If you're visiting us from a tablet or smartphone and it doesn't automatically render for mobile, find us at

Social media integration. Yes, social media is growing in importance to you and us. Find us on Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, and YouTube. Interact with us and other SQL Server community members in real time. And don't be shy—send us feedback, requests, and even criticism. We're here to help you have a successful career.

SQl Server Pro website as seen on April 2, 2013.
Our new look, April 2013!

We hope you'll bookmark the site, register, and comment on articles (see, "Discuss this Article" below). Let us know what you like and what you'd like to see more of. Send me an email or contact us via social media—we're listening and value your feedback!

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